Staff Profile: Shelley Balderson

Age: 30
Assistant-manager at Casa del Mar

Joined the restaurant: From the day it opened on 23rd January 2006

Initial job: I was initially trained to work as a barmaid then within a few weeks, I became bar manager. I then progressed to front of house.

Job history: Prior to Casa, I did the night shift at Asda. Adam, who often came to the supermarket after his evening at Krimo's, asked if I  would be interested in working at the Tapas Bar before it even opened.

What I like about working here:
I love the team I work with. We have a really good relationship and are all like friends rather than work colleagues. The customers make the job worthwhile. I have forged friendships with a few outside work.
I also met my partner of three years, Garry while at Casa and we are having our first baby together in the next few weeks.
And what would I do without Laura! She keeps me sane when working with Garry. Haha!

Favourite dishes: It has to be Pollo con Champinones (minus the mushrooms, Yuck!) Greek salad, meat paella, deep-fried brie and Chilli con Carne, just to name a few. I'm a growing girl and I like my food, hehe.

Favourite holiday: It was last year with Garry. We went to Bulgaria for a week. It was amazing. I miss the cocktails.

Krimo says: Apart from being my proof reader, Shelley is that person you want around you because she does not miss a thing.
She has been a great help since Day One, when Casa del Mar opened for the first time on the Marina.
She had a maternity break to have her son, Dan.
When she came back to work after her leave, she and Garry, our other assistant-manager became an item, and once again by the time you read this, she will be off on another maternity break, as the couple expect their first baby together within the next few weeks.
The staff love her even if, when it comes to work, she is quite strict. Outside work, she is the life and soul of the party.

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