Staff profile: Garry Llewellyn

Age: 25
Position: Assistant-Manager
Joined Casa del Mar: 2010

Job History: I started working in JD Sports at 16 working on the footwear department the money wasn’t great but the 25% staff discount came in handy. When I turned 18 I started working in a pub as a glass collector before moving onto working on the bar. I then joined casa del mar in 2010

What I like about working here:  First of all I like the customers without them there would be no job. I enjoy getting to know regulars, even knowing what they will be eating and drinking before they order.

Working in casa has made me a better cook at home, although I don’t work in the kitchen I have picked up many tips and great ideas also Chris and Luke are always happy to give me advice

The staff here are more than just work colleagues they are friends even some who have moved in stay on contact. I met my partner shelley working here and we have been together 3 ½ years and she recently gave birth to our first child Thomas

Other full time staff members Laura, Chris And Luke are really close friends so much so that Laura and Chris who are also a couple will become Thomas’s godparents in April.

Favourite Dishes: there is so many great dishes to choose from but if I had to choose it would be the deep fried brie with red onion marmalade followed closely by merguez sausages

Favourite Holiday: although I have had many family holidays as a kid and even as an adult I would have to say Bulgaria in 2013 with shelley. We stayed in a 5* hotel all inclusive the food was to die for as were the cocktails.

Krimo says: Since joining Casa del Mar, Garry has evolved in so many ways. His organisational skills have moved him up from waiter to assistant-manager in a few short years. Getting together with Shelley and becoming a father to Thomas are two cornerstones in his life that have made him mature so quickly.

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