When eating out...

We asked you a few questions about eating out... 

Here are a few of your comments. 
*All restaurants should offer water with a meal, customers should be given a choice of tap or bottled to suit their preference. House wine should be highlighted for that evening similar to specials so it can be changed when needed.

*I think that all restaurants should offer free water, perhaps not calling it tap water lol 

*We often eat out and like to try different dishes, don't ask about low calorie as we go out to eat for either a special occasion or just a treat!

*Have visited Krimos quite a few times, the staff are always on hand to explain what a dish is and if they would recommend it, also they will recommend which wine to have with a certain dish.

*Wouldn't rate higher or lower on the tap water, as we go for the food.

*Always pleased with the service, the food and the atmosphere, thank you .    

*Fan of Portofinos always lovely.

*I always enjoy eating at krimos. The food is moderately spiced and flavoursome to suit my taste buds.               

*We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

*My husband and I enjoy trying new dishes then I try to replicate them at home, sometimes with a slight alteration according to the ingredients I have to hand. I enjoy cooking and often create recipes, as I did tonight for our Shrove Tuesday pancakes. It is a treat when we eat out so I'm not particularly calorie counting. I prefer to live by the old adage that a little of what you fancy does you good.

*House wine is generally a sign of a good restaurant if it is good quality.

*Eating out is a rare treat, so when I do choose a restaurant I always go for the best quality I can afford, anything else is a bonus. 

*I rank good quality food, reasonable prices and ambience as important. Krimo's ticks all the boxes! A great restaurant!

*As a Coeliac I would like the menu to be clearly marked Gluten free where appropriate.

*I will try anything once.

*I love trying new foods but i also like my favourites too, like duck and lamb dishes both fantastic in krimos        

*I find if I am eating at a good restaurant the house wine is usually a good one.I have found this to be very true at Krimos and Portofinos.

*We rate restaurants by quality of food, not quantity.

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