Your Valentine's Day

We asked you how you celebrate Valentine's Day 

Thank you for sharing:

*Valentine’s Day is still a special day even when a couple have been together for a long time.It should always be celebrated.
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*Usually me and my boyfriend would celebrate Valentine’s day by booking a table at a well known restaurant.
*Just having a great meal with my wife at Krimo’s. Duck special was lovely.
*I have cooked a meal this year as my Husband was working late, we do enjoy eating out. This year we have been married 43 years and on March 10th we are celebrating our son's 40th Birthday and as you are closed on Mondays we have booked Krimo’s on 11th March for 13 of us including 5 of our Grand Children ranging from 8- 21 years old, we are all looking forward to our meals.
*We need a special day in the year to show our loved one just how much we do love them.
*Come on don’t be shy with that chicken liver pate get that stuff in and around my mouth ouffffff!!!
*My husband and I never celebrate Valentine's day because it's our anniversary on the 15th and also we don't need one day to tell how much we love each other, plus we have two young children and struggle for a babysitter except this year we are free on the night.
*We don’t need a special day to show we love each other – it’s every day.
*It is very important to do something with a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we lead so busy lives we forget how much we love those most dear to us.    
*I'm not at home for Valentine’s Day I'm stuck in the North Sea on a oil rig away from my wife so I've booked a meal at Krimo’s for Saturday 22nd for us both for some nice food and drinks it's going to be a date night for us can't wait see you soon.
*Portofino's last week for surely the best starters and pasta in town...looking forward to next time.
*We have never been to a Krimo’s restaurant before and would love this chance to go :)            
*Krimo's always a good choice for a romantic occasion.
*I have put 'cook a meal' because we are with friends on this date. It has taken sooooo long to set a date when we can all be together (they live next door) and it is their turn to cook! We are supposed to be having an Italian night as we all went on holiday to Lake Garda last year and they promised to do this. Watch this space!!!
*Husband not that romantic so I will cook.
*Hubby works away so normally i have to wait to go for a meal when he gets home:-(

*Looking forward to any opportunity to mark and celebrate my relationship with the most wonderful man in the world :-)

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