Your Favourite Cuisine...

We asked you the following question:
*When eating out, what cuisines do you usually choose?
Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Other...

It seems that you cannot get enough of sunshine food. The research you helped with in November revealed that most of you are in love with Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Your taste for Italian food was three times as popular as that of the nearest, which was Indian.

Although most cuisines have a lot to offer, Italian carries such a range of dishes that it never fail to cater for all sorts of tastes.
Our own Portofino has, for the last 16 years proved very popular with diners of all ages. It is a favourite among families with both parents and children always managing to find something to their taste, from a simple Margherita Pizza or Spaghetti Carbonara to a more elaborate chicken or steak dish.

I, personally love the simplicity of Italian dishes, many of which can be labelled as "fast food" in the true meaning of the phrase. A risotto or a pasta dish takes no longer than fifteen minutes to prepare from scratch. A pizza, providing the base is ready will take less than eight minutes in a normal oven.

Here is a selection of your answers.

-Chicken a'la creme with chips
-love them all!!!!
-I mainly go for chicken dishes when I go out for a meal.
-I enjoy tapas because you can try lots of different dishes at the same time."
-Hard to choose as we have lots of favourite dishes
-My preference is for 'English' food however I love tapas and in particular the chicken which Chorizo (with not too many peppers.)
-Just to say thank you - we had a lovely night at Krimo's last friday evening for a colleague leaving work. 50% of table live out of town and all commented about how impressed they were with food, venue and staff service.  Thank you. Lynn
-I spent 2 years living in Italy so the cuisine is very close to my heart
-All good food is good
-Brown down chicken rice and peas, deep fried plantain, akee and saltfish are firm favourites although very difficult to find in the north east.
-Also love tapas :) and think the creamy chicken and mushroom is the best dish ever along with chorizo pate mmmm
-I am disabled and my husband Andrew is my carer and I would love to win a meal for my husband and I as a special thank you to him for taking care of me.
-We like to eat at any of these restaraunts ,we like to have a good choice of international cuisine regards Phill
-I prefer simple well cooked and presented dishes.
-I like the imaginative use of vegetables and salads. Fish and seafood are my favourites. I do not particularly like elaborate sauces."
-I have chosen Italian but I have a very cosmopolitan palate and love all types of food if it is well prepared and presented.
-"I am flexible what I eat but I like spices so I tend to eat Indian food"
-Like all sorts of foods, depends how I feel. :)
-"Spanish cuisine consists of a variety of dishes and a variety of lovely flavours that you are able to share with other people. It is also part of of the Mediterranean cuisine which people eat for healthy and balanced diet.
-Italian is another variety I always choose as you can choose from a variety of options with delicious tastes and textures."
-Love them all perhaps Italian is favourite.
-I enjoy many cuisines from around the world.
-Enjoy trying different cuisines
-Don't mind a nice steak either. Not really aware of any French restaurants.
-My husband and i love frech food but do not no of a restarant near by?
-Thai is a close second
-Deep fried brie is a favourite
-Love to try different foods
-It's difficult to choose one favourite dish, I like a wide range of food including spicy dishes. I chose French because of how their cuisine is steeped in a rich history of simple and elaborate recipes which are important to their culture. Anyone who is classically trained in French cuisine can so easily adapt to other styles of cooking.
-I enjoy most cuisine and am always willing to try new dishes.
-Anything on Krimos menu!!
-I like to try different foods from all over the world that I haven't had before and that I haven't cooked before.
-Being coeliac, I find chinese and thai more difficult to eat due to gluten in soy sauces (thai green/red curries aside). With Most mediterranean dishre it is a matter of good hygiene practices and simply asking, so I like Italian dishes as there are risotto's and often gluten free pasta available.
-Tasty and varied choice
Made with fresh produce and with personal pride
love to try all different types of food, however I think that the restaurant and service also needs to be taken into account for a great night out, dining at any of krimos establishments will quarantee a meal and night to remember
-Mediterranean/algerian is & will always be my no1 cuisine
-My favourite is tandoori king prawn masala.
-Still room for a good Turkish menu Krimo!
-...and of course a tapa (or two ) is a fabourite :)
"would you consider alcohol free cocktails as in in when we go for tapas in Edinburgh we can get these
I like a lot on the menu so really happy with Casa Del Mar"
-I love chilli n spice!
-Just love food.
-Thai fishcakes are a favourite of mine with sweet chilli sauce.
-I really like escargot and a variety of french cheese.
-"Merry Christmas Krimo and all your wonderful staff. Sandra and john"
-I usually go for potatoe skins for a starter and depending what mood am in i usually go for steak or carbonara.
-"Chinese - Crispy shredded beef, chow mien, curries
-Italian - lasagne, carbonara"
-Love lots of different foods.
-Portofinos is a fantastic place for any occasion the atmosphere will suit all ages. The staff are very polite & friendly, but most of all the food us Absoloeutly delicious and certainly well worth the money...
-Great food. Shame the hufc v ntfc result didn't go our way
-I enjoy well cooked, tasty food, eg Krimo's menu.
-If i had to sum up Italian food in one word, it would have to be BELLISSIMO
-Italian foods are great because of the  combinations of herbs and spices, fresh vegetables, good pasta and excellent cheeses. In other words,I choose Italian food because it is fresh and simple and healthy
-I choose Italian food because it is made with imagination and sophistication, pizza, pasta, spaghetti bolognaise, what is there not to love.
-My partner eats pizza and chips or a dinner everywhere we go, I like trying lots of different foods
-We love enjoy a variety of foods from many lands,provided the quality is first-rate and the surroundings and service are enjoyable.  Gluten-free food is essential for me as I have coeliac disease.
-Usually choose italian cuisine. Usually eat either chicken in white wine sauce dishes, or pizza.
-This will be our first visit as Mr & Mrs. x
-Would love to be chosen as the winner! i love Krimos

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