Your Comments about your Favourite Foods...

a typical british food that can be cooked in so many different recipes
A well prepared  dish,and great ambiance is my definition of a meal out. Both found at Krimos. Thank you.
Always had fab meals in all yr restaurants. many thanks x
Always very tasty when fresh and prawns and chicken dishes are a great combination
It would have to be a Krimo's fillet cooked medium-rare
Cant go wrong with a nicely cooked steak.
Chicken breast in a sauce with mushrooms.
Difficult one as I too am not a fussy eater - lamb would have been my next choice!
Difficult to pick just one, but steak, specifically fillet, is always at the top of my list!
Duck, pink with crispy skin.
especially Krimos pork and black pudding!

nom nom nom  Have a celebration to look forward to - the sale of our house - booking next week for our treat and Can't wait!
Especially tapas seafood its amazing!
Fillet steak medium with just the right amount of pink. As a Coeliac I prefer my food plain but top quality.
Fresh fish well cooked- food of the Gods!
great relaxed venue Portofino. Keep it up.
Had to pick Fish and Seafood as I always opt for your 'Fish of the day".
Has to be very fresh
Have always enjoyed your goujons (chicken), potato skins with dips and steak (with a sauce) when we come into your restaurant!

There is never any room for of these days I will have one though as they look delicious.
hope im right I could do withbanother cracking meal at the tapas in fact thats where were going right now
How come I only get to pick one! agree with your comment - I love all food when cooked to perfection - that's why I love Krimos.
However I do love your scallops, they are my favourite ðŸ~ƒ xx
However, I love cajun salmon and pork dishes too :)
I absolutely adore prawns but lamb is a lovely meat too.
I am a great lover of Prawns, Salmon and Scallops, cooked in any sauce etc,as long as they are cooked by a great chef.
I am also right into Harissa and Chipotle pastes at the moment
I do eat meat but there are so many great vegetarian dishes to choose from these days. full of flavour and very nutritious
I find it has the best flavour and combines with the best sauces and at my age is better for me and digests better
I had a lovely Bellini on Friday lunchtime you cant bet a bit of beef
I like all the above except the fish and seafood, but lamb is my favourite.
I like everything!!
I like most foods and often like to try something new, fish and sea food are my favourite .
I like most foods but am partial to prawns, mussels and crab.
I love eating fillet steak cooked med/rare with a blue cheese sauce on the side accompanied with home made chunky chips, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes. Yum!
I love Portofino's chicken dishes
i love seafood and eat it when ever i can in a restaurant because that's where it is cooked to perfection.
I love Tapas and fish and seafood dishes.
I love the lobster sauce and creamy cabbage in Krimos
I must admit, I would be more inclined to go for a chicken dish, as there is so much variety to choose from.
I prefer beef although my wife picks Chicken.
I tend to eat mainly chicken at home as most of the family like chicken and are not too keen on fish. So, to have a lovely fish or seafood dish is a real treat.
I would love to win this competition and visit your restaurant.
Im not quite sure what i'm supposed to comment on so ill just say Jensen Ackles. That is all. No I'm Kidding but chicken is a very popular food and is just perfect, so perfect in fact that there are businesses that rely just solely on chicken like KFC but I must say my favourite chicken is portofinos chicken because portifinos man.
It's difficult to choose one of the meats as a favourite as I enjoy all. It would depend on what the dish was (its accompaniments, sauces etc) and how I felt at the time! The only one I would not choose is Fish and Seafood! I like some vegetarian foods but I am a meat eater!
It's impossible to pick one really as it depends on the day. However, I'm particularly fond of slow cooked tender lamb.
It's so versatile
Lamb shank. Had several at the old restaurant in Seaton
love all the food at Krimos Restaurants,highly recommend the food ,and good service and friendly staff.
Love good food cooked well, but often like a vegetarian option
Love pork or is it the apple sauce?.
Love seafood but would also eat any of the above
Man cannot live by bread alone - but if there's cheese with it, that's OK!
most versatile in my opinion.
Nothing better than a juicy fillet steak
nothing better than eating fresh fish just caught that day..fruits of the sea!
pasta tastes wonderful with beef, I could happily eat it every day
Personally I would eat any type of food listed above as long as it is cooked properly
Personally would eat anything as long as it is cooked properly but if I were to pick, I would also go for fish and seafood
Pulled pork! What a treat! Nom :-)
Really hard choice but fish and seafood are a real treat
steak, is great, also like pork and chicken, turkey haddock, and vegetarian dishes.
Tapas is a great way to introduce children to different types of food. Its also a reminder of holidays in spain......
The slow cooked lamb tapas is to die for... but then again, they all are :)
There are so many different varieties of fish and seafood and so many different recipes to make. This is also excellent food for low fat diet!! yumyum!
Theres nothing better than a roast leg of lamb for Sunday lunch.I love the smell as its cooking.For me its the perfect roast.
This is so difficult, probably a good roast lamb or chicken and pasta dish.  I do also love seafood!
Very close call as I like most foods. Lamb & beef would come a close second, pork & chicken third & vegetarian forth.
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We went for a meal at casa del mar last Month and the lamb was to die for!
when I dine out fish and seafood are always my selection, a light,tasty and delicious meal like no other
When it comes to chicken, for me, breast is best, in a light sauce with plenty of vegetables.
With fat warm crispy crackling like my nana makes it !
Would just love to tackle a dover sole !!
Your Lamb Tagine is one of my favourite dishes.
your restaurant must be the best in hartlepool for sea food we have had it at your place and would love to get a chance to eat it again

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