The End of An Era...

Krimo's present lease comes to an end in December and I have no intention of getting tied to another 10 or 15-year extension, having just turned 61.

I have decided to let go of the reins and allow others to carry on the good work that has been put into Krimo's by our faithful staff of many years, thousands of youngsters who earned a few quids while at college, Karen who was thrown in at the deep end on our opening night and me, a cowboy chef and head-waffler for the last 29 years.

Most of our regulars know the following lines by heart: 
"Krimo's Restaurant was opened on 4th May 1985 by Krimo and Karen Bouabda with a mere £250 and bucketfuls of enthusiasm."
Twenty nine years on Krimo's is now uniquely placed by the Marina lock gates to continue attracting customers from all over the region, the country and the world, as Hartlepool goes from strength to strength.

While I will soon let go of Krimo's, entrusting the place to whoever acquires the business, I shall continue to help run our other successful restaurants, Portofino and Casa del Mar with renewed enthusiasm.

I wish to thank Hartlepool for giving me, all those years ago, a chance to succeed and make a livelihood out of things I discovered I loved, such as cooking, serving people or simply waffling.
This is something I would never have been able to do without the support of the town's people, many of whom have become great friends and some of the most loyal staff an employer can wish to work with.

There are a few months left yet before I hand over the keys, so, for those who have never dined with us, please come and see why we have lasted so long at the forefront of Hartlepool's restaurant scene and for our loyal regulars, please understand that my staff and I will continue giving you nothing but the best until the last minute.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

I remember a post you wrote once about the running of a restaurant. You said that many think that, because they can cook, it would be easy to start a restaurant, and yes, it's easy to start, but to Much more is needed than being able to cook delicious meals.

Congratulations on getting this far.

Have fun taking care of the other places.

Maybe now you will have time to play those drums? :-)