Krimo's Easter Egg...

Last night, I got funny looks from kids when I suggested that instead of money, they could pay their bill with Easter Eggs...
I have a feeling they must have thought I'd cracked up.
They were further puzzled when I told them that all the food we were serving was made out of chocolates. Even the spicy meatballs!
But when the parents smiled, the young ones' eyes lit as they realised that I was just pulling their legs.
I asked a few how many Easter eggs they had received. One four year-old proudly confessed: "Millions!"

Photoshop came in handy when I decided to cover Portofino all over with chocolate.


Zéphyr said...

Bonjour Krimo,

Revenir à l'âge de l'enfance a été le rêve de tous les hommes.

Insouciance, naïveté et de candeur !

Pat said...

Bravo! And it wasn't even April 1st.