Krimo's Love Story...

Just watched the film Julie and Julia, a really charming film of the real lives of two women who fall in love with French cooking.
Julia Child takes cookery lessons in France and ends up writing a book and presenting cookery programs.
Julie Powell who, bored with her mundane job, blogs about cooking Julia Child's 524 recipes in 365 days.

I really enjoyed this film. It brought back memories of my tiny kitchen at Seaton Carew in 1985 when Karen and I opened our first restaurant.
Cooking is more than a job. It is a love story.


Pat said...

My friend Naomi (on my side-bar) lives in the hills of Hollywood and as a writer, actress and singer knows of which she speaks and in her post on the Oscars spoke glowingly of this film and Meryl although she rightly guessed that Sandra Bullock would get the Oscar.

Krimo said...

The hills of Hollywood!! How idyllic, Pat.
Meryl Streep was very good in the film but having watched Sandra Bullock performance, I too had a feeling she would have the edge.

What I liked most about Julie and Julia, was the passion of both women when it came to food shopping, cooking and eating with friends. Lovely!

Zéphyr said...

Bonsoir Krimo,

Comme pour tous les arts, il faut avoir des prédispositions.

Il faut aimer la cuisine avec passion.

L'œuvre ne sera que plus belle.

La cuisine ! Oui ! une histoire d'Amour.

LDahl said...

I love watching cooking shows when I was a kid...did you ever see the Galloping gourmet? I hope to see this movie. If you have recommended it, it is probably worth watching.

Krimo said...

Je sais que tu aimes la cuisine de ta femme, Zéphyr! ;o)

L, I've seen repeats of the Galloping Gourmet.
There are so many cookery programs on TV nowadays and I love most of them.
You'll love Julie and Julia!

LDahl said...

I've seen a lot of Gorden Ramsey stuff. I really enjoyed some of them, but I got so I thought it was hyped if you know what I mean. I thought he was being pushed into being over dramatic. But it was interesting to see what his take on food was.

I'll definitely watch for Julia.

Caribbean Colors said...

I found you via GG, glad to see you blogging again. I had hoped to see the movie, but I was in Belize when it was playing in Chetumal, Mexico, and then I was in Chetumal when it was playing in Belize. I will have to wait until I go back to the U.S. to see it On Demand at one of my kid's houses. As a kid I watched Julia and the Galloping Gourmet, before cable, when we only had 5 TV stations in Detroit and one coming in from Windsor, Canada. The TV was in the basement because my parents didn't believe in having a TV in the livingroom. Funny now they practically have a TV in every room except the bathroom. Anyhow, I am rambling now, so I will just push PUBLISH!

Anonymous said...

l'adage d'Alain Chapel selon lequel "la cuisine, c'est plus que des recettes". Mais la recette en est la pierre de Rosette, qui permet aussi de percer les secrets d'un art de vivre.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

You can't beat a bit of passion ~ shines through any kitchen of any size!

Krimo said...

L, Gordon Ramsay is a business. He's no longer a chef. Good luck to him.

Welcome back, Lee. I love your life.
Mind you, showers come with flat-screen TVs these days...

Le meilleur element d'une recette est la compagnie.
Un festin n'est qu'un tas de nourriture sans amis pour le partager.

CR, you have understood the link between good food and friends. A necessary combination.

LDahl said...

I watched Julie and Julia today, I of course loved it as you knew I would. I don't know how she could have cooked that much yummy food without getting seriously overweight!
I gained two pounds just watching the film>:)))

Krimo said...

Some cooks have a fast metabolism: others are just vain...;o)))