Krimo's Silent Night...

5pm on Saturday.
The dreaded news.
A massive power cut on Krimo's side of the Marina meant that the restaurant would not operate that evening.
Dismayed staff arrived only to find out that they had been handed a rare Saturday night off. Most of them did not know whether to smile or to appear sad.

Hayley and I got our mobiles out and began disappointing our diners.

One lady had already begun to get ready for her 7.30 booking. And I had always thought Karen spent too long getting ready.

Although I could discern the disappointment in their voices, most of our prospective customers felt sorry for us and the irretrievable loss of business.

We suggested a change of venue. Portofino or Casa del Mar on the other side of the Marina were untouched by the electrical fault.
A few accepted and did dine satisfyingly at our other two restaurants.
I commiserated with, consoled and cajoled the ones whose special celebration had been spoilt.

Later when I sat down with a glass of wine, I knew that the fault had been repaired, most of our customers had a good evening either in our other restaurants or at home planning another outing.

I also knew that there was no use in shedding tears over spilt milk.
I poured myself a second glass of wine.


Pat said...

Lucky you can think on your feet:)

Krimo said...

Restaurants are living things, Pat. One has to think on one's feet and adapt with situations as they unfold.