Krimo's Visitors Books...

As you all may know, we have visitors books in all our restaurants, requesting customers views on our food and service.
The great majority of the comments left in these books tend to be complimentary "Beautiful this, Gorgeous that...". Pleasant but seldom helpful.

But on very rare occasions the comments point out, in focused and constructive ways things we may have missed. These can be very valuable as they can usually help us look at ourselves and try and sharpen our operation.

In the case of Portofino's visitors books, they are mainly used by our younger patrons and the comments tend to be very graphic in both meanings of the term.
Who am I to argue with this?

How to fillet a seabass...

Nowadays, most fish among other things, comes gutted, cleaned and neatly packaged. It does save a lot of effort but every now and then, it is nice to see professionals at work.
With most people, it is the staring eyes that put them off cooking or ordering a whole fish. Around the Med, fish comes the way I like it, whole, unfilleted and really tasty.

Krimo's Royal Visitor...

...was really delighted with the yacht!

HRH Prince Philip, HMS Trincomalee Trust Patron visited Hartlepool on Friday 6th to inaugurate the new Trincomalee Exhibition.

He surveyed the latest stage of restoration, a tremendous deal of improvement since his last visit in 2000. He signed the visitors book and shook hands with us trustees.
Then took off again in his helicopter.
One hour in total.
Great media coverage, including TV to put the Trinc on the map.

Krimo's Longest Serving Member of Staff...

Heavenly Lydia Heavens has been with us 20 years!

Solid as a rock!

Two years ago, Pat, our longest serving member of staff at the time, left us after 21 years of service. Lydia took over at the helm of the porters section, organising shifts, looking after the stocks of washing up liquid, mops, scourers and keeping the kitchen and restaurant perfectly clean.

Lydia is not keen on retiring, and even though she is the proud grandmother to beautiful twins, whom she often babysits, she has decided to stay on and keep both mind and body busy.

I and everyone at Krimo's are very glad that Lydia is still with us...

Thanks, Lyd!