Krimo's Royal Visitor...

...was really delighted with the yacht!

HRH Prince Philip, HMS Trincomalee Trust Patron visited Hartlepool on Friday 6th to inaugurate the new Trincomalee Exhibition.

He surveyed the latest stage of restoration, a tremendous deal of improvement since his last visit in 2000. He signed the visitors book and shook hands with us trustees.
Then took off again in his helicopter.
One hour in total.
Great media coverage, including TV to put the Trinc on the map.


PI said...

He's pretty good for his age isn't he. I hope he behaved himself:)

Krimo said...

Yes, 87 and still going strong.
He did behave but was a little irritated with one of the photographers.

Zéphyr said...

Insigne honneur de Son Excellence le Prince Philip !

Un dicton français dit : " Jamais deux sans trois ".

En 2000, en 2009 et la prochaine... peut-être en 2018 !

Par son geste, le Prince Philip a exprimé un sentiment affectueux et amical envers ce que vous faites.

Krimo said...

Il a deja 87 ans... J'ai bien l'impression que 2018 demandera un peu trop d'endurance.
Mais la famille royale semble vieillir gracieusement!

Anonymous said...

The Prince , Duke of Edinburgh pour un repas de Roi dans un restaurant que chaque cuisine d’illustres maître , me semble "the" récompense suprême ! Et méritée !!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Top Stuff Krimo!

ValGalArt said...

very exciting!

Anonymous said...

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