Winding down...

As we wind down for the last few weeks at Krimo's, I have been drafted in to do some real work now that a few of our managers have left us for greener pastures. Zoe at Boots and Nicci at Seaton Carew Golf Club.

Beside attending a full time University course, looking after two daughters Rachael, (6 years at Krimo's) still finds time to come in to help run the bar and restaurant.
Granddaughter, Evie who has also found a job at Boots, is staying on until 31st October, our last day. She has become the person who looks after the details of running a restaurant from organising rotas to bossing me around.
The rest of the waiting skeleton staff, Amy Cowan, Laura Buckle, Megan Ross, Beth Greig, Rebecca Twist and Hannah Llewellyn have all astounded me by rising to the challenge of working short-staffed.
In the kitchen, Colin has also lost two young chefs and he and his team have also stepped up a gear.

As for me, apart from my dodgy left knee giving me a lot of bother by the end of the night and having to resort to wine to numb the pain, I am enjoying being back on board even if it is only for a few short weeks.
Whenever asked about Krimo's imminent closure, I try my best to explain the reason, quoting my advancing years, the end of the lease, etc... More often than not these "excuses" fall on deaf ears.
"Where are we going to go once Krimo's has gone?"
Portofino and Casa Del Mar draw varying responses. From the inability to climb stairs to being unfamiliar with Spanish tapas.

Those who have never been to our other two eateries reluctantly say:
"Ah, well we'll give them a try."

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