Your Memories of Krimo's...

We asked our customers about the first time they visited our restaurants.
Here are a few of their memories. Thank you!

Agnes Delanoy I have never actually been to the new Krimo's which is quite strange as I was a regular visitor to the Seaton Carew one.  It's just one of those things, but I'm actually booking it when two friends come to visit us in August.
Alex  Biggins "I had just returned from Iraq whilst serving in the army in 1991 and we could not get in on the evening so we had lunch, my wife and i sat holding hands through most of the meal and as it was valentines day we were voted most romantic couple in the restraunt by your staff.
Happy memories and my wife and I are still in love now as we were then."
Alison Rodgers For my birthday meal with work
Alison Lee When krimos first opened on seaton front. it was my wedding anniversary, i ordered a steak "well done" and krimo came out and advised me not to have it cooked this way, of course he was right
Alyson Lloyd "I first dined at Krimo's when you were at Seaton it was around 1994 and my colleague and I took a client there.
I have been a regular diner at both portofino and casa del mar since they opened/"
Ann Brown I first dined at Krimo's when you were based in Seaton Carew in the very early days of setting up your Restaurants.  Since you moved into Hartlepool I tend to visit every year to celebrate a friend's birthday on 22nd December. I visit Portofino's to celebrate yet another friend's birthday in May. To date I've never visited Casa del Mar.
Ann Randall It was for our wedding annivarsary in seaton carew still got the photo about 1986
Anne Freeman our friends came home for a visit after emigrating to australia  six of us went to krimos and had the most fabulous meal good night was had by all
Barbara Gillson We used to dine at Krimos in Seaton for special occasions. We followed Krimos when they moved to Hartlepool and are now in the fortunate position when we can dine there on a regular basis. The dining experience has never wavered over this extended time - a great achievment and a testimony to Krimos commitment to his restaurant and the area
Beverley Scurrah I remember escaping from my salon I took 1 dinner hour every 3rd or 4th Friday & going to Krimo's at Seaton Carew & had the most lovely starter half a pineapple and prawns in a marie rose sauce delicous & Missippi mud pie gorgeous
Carol Atkinson When Krimo's first opened in Seaton and Adam was very small and so was the restaurant, it only had a down stairs. I can also recall Adam playing his guitar one Christmas/New year time when we were in. We would book in at least one night before Christmas, New Years eve and every Birthday celebration there.
Chris May I took my girlfriend Rachel to Casa Del Mar on Valentine's day in 2007, Portofino's in 2008 and Krimo's in 2009! We've been to all three restaurants many times since!
Christine Derbyshire I first dined at Portofino in August 2010 when I first visited Hartlepool from Manchester. I had met my partner Phil, a chap from Hartlepool on Facebook and we had met up and started a 'long distance relationship'! The Tall Ships races were on and I came to Hartlepool via a coach trip. I fell in love with Hartlepool, Phil and I now live here!
Christine Compton It was in Krimos at Seaton Carew. You only had downstairs open. We sat at a small table close to the bar and this became our favourite table. Ian ate calves liver and I had my first (of hundreds) Paesano. We ate three courses which is unusual for me and couldn't wait to book for the following week. One week I even helped with drying the glasses!
Claire Buchan  My family and I visited Portofino for my birthday last month (July).  The food was lovely & the portions were great. Definitely good value for money.
Clare Watson Im going tonight, really looking forward to it!
Dave Finer Enjoy dining at Krimo's with Krimo&Karen as such excellent hosts! Can't remember the first time I was there but the most , memorable was Valentines day 6 years ago when I proposed marriage to the Lady who is now my wife.
David Hall Our first visit to Krimos was back in the 80's when the restuarant was in Seaton Carew. It was a wonderful evening, the place was small but overflowing with ambiance and the food superb. It was a novelty in those days to have your table all night, no rush, just enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace. Happy times. Really miss the Seaton venue.
Debra Barker Smith my sister took me to krimos when it was still in season carew as a special treat for stopping smoking. i havnt smoked since.
Derek Johnson last Friday evening
Eddie Huntington I have dined in all of the Krimo restaurants over the years.  They all offer a unique perspective and dining experience. With children I go to Portofinos, with friends Cafe del Mar and with dear friends and my wife, Krimos.  I have never been disappointed and always appreciated the attention detail whether 10 years ago or now.
Emma Waites April last year with friends. Loved the place and go back  as oftrn as possible :)
Emma Farrell "It was for a first date with my partner who lived in Liverpool.  The marina was a perfect setting and the food was delicious.  
Very memorable evening."
Emma Ewbank My friends wedding breakfast/day reception at Krimo's, not long after the move from Seaton Carew. Amazing food and atmosphere, making me fall in love with the place. I still get excited now whenever i'm able to dine there
Fred  Magee "As a guess 1985 and I have not been disappointed since. Apart from seeing less of Karen these days !!"
Frederick Short Krimos when you first opened in Seaton! We booked for our Wedding Anniversary. We enjoyed a  Double introduction. 1. To quality food never before found in the area 2. Introduced to krimo and Karen who to this day remain very good friends with my wife and I.  I guess we just know good people and good food.  The perfect. Combination.
Gavin Watson Dined and Krimo's a long time ago, really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.
Gemma Chesney It was aroun 5 years agao i went to portifinos ian i been ever since at least once a month lovely food great atmosphere love love love
Geoff Thomas  "At Seaton -when you used to live upstairs!!
To coin a phrase ""when Adam was a lad and before he burned his leg""
Happy memories of our table in the corner near the bar."
Gill Harland Yes I can when you it's opened at seaton you were amazed our daughter asked for spaghetti bolognase x
Gillian Cooper my  sons birthday august 2012
Glenn Counter Came for meal maybe 3years ago for my wife's casa demar
Hayley Keane We came to Krimos on Valentines day and my 1st year anniversary with my partner. We are coming back for his birthday.
Helen Hockaday I first dined at Portofino 5 years ago. Family from Hampshire were visiting us for the week.
Hilda Sim Was living abroad.  Came back to visit Hartlepool for a few days and had special treat of lunch at Krimo's to celebrate friend's convalescence from illness.  Since then have returned to live in H'pool permanently, and enjoy dining at Krimo's as often as possible.
Ian Hodge "We stumbled across Portofino's during the 'Tall Ships' event in Hartlepool. We'd just disembarked the tall Italian sail ship which curiously had images of Portofino's on board - and the seed of inspiration was born.
We just had to try the restaurant and we were most impressed. It really delivers on all expectations of fine dining and ambience."
Irene Watson My occasion was at Krimos .I went with my husband two sons and daughter in law. It was the first time id been out for a night out since my cancer op.that was last year .now my husband and I go for tea to Portofinos.Thats my treat at the weekend.
Jackie Ward  I visited Cass del Mar with a group of girlfriends to celebrate a birthday about 3 years ago the food was fabulous, hence we return on a regular basis and the food is still fabulous.
Jackie Adams  When you first opened at Seaton.  I remember having to book weeks and sometimes months in advance.  Your business lunches were a joy to behold and very very popular.  I am not sure how many people managed to return to work!!!
Jan Summers "We live in York but remember  coming to Krimos when you first opened at the Marina with my sister and her husband, June and John Wright.
Great evening...."
Jane Short Wedding anniversary same year as Krimo opened at seaton
Jean Wheatman When you first opened krimos in Seaton Carew i can remember we had to book for our next visit on the night we were there to make sure we got a table we must have been over the years for silver weddings, birthdays, retirements, in fact we dont need a reason. so keep going we always enjoy.
Jeanette Gair  My first experience of Krimos was with an ex beau in1988 at Seaton Carew.  With my now partner I recently moved to Hartlepool and decided on our first evening out (my birthday) my treat was Krimos.  Fabulous! Welcoming and a bonus . . . I have been promised at least one meal there every month - thank you Krimo. See you all soon!
Jessica Maddison My 16th birthday
Jose Ceguera Anniversary in February
Judith Milburn Our first meal at Krimo's was on our first night living in Hartlepool, 14 Sept 2012.  I was about to do the Great North Run, eating carefully and not drinking, so it was very different to subsequent visits - but it was delicious, romantic and special.  The first of many special visits to Krimo's and your other restaurants, which always delight.
Judy Twist Hubby took me to Krimo's @ Seaton, to celebrate my birthday, and the recent birth of our son, back in 1993, 10 months later, I persuaded my then work colleagues to have my ' leaving do' there, think we filled the whole of the upstairs at seaton, always happy meals and memories from all the restaurants and hopefully many more
Julie Smith I've never dined at Krimos before so i would love to win this months competition as I've heard rave reviews about your restaurant.
Julie Harrison My 16th Birthday - some 27 years ago!
Karen Howe About 30 years ago at Krimos when it was on Seaton front. It was a family celebration, not sure what.
Kathryne McNary  It was one blustery day back in 2003 - we had been for a stroll along the beach and decided to call in for lunch - what a gem of an idea - it quickly became a regular routine - and a fab incentive to keep up the exercise!!
Lesley Hill First time i dined at Krimos was in 1987 my first year in employment after finishing college and it was our xmas party at krimos in seaton, Casa del mar was not long after it opened, my dad had worked all over europe and was over the moon when he could introduce us to tapas, as for portofino theres too many to even remember!
Lesley Inkster My first experience of Krimos was on my wedding day in July 1992 when the restaurant was in Seaton Carew  We had a brilliant time and where looked after really well before jetting off to Tenerife on honeymoon. The food was excellent as always and a good time was had by all.
Linda Short One of the rare occasions hubby took me out for a meal.  BUT he excelled himself this time with his venue, food and friendly service.  Krimo's was just getting established  in Seaton and fast became the Mecca for good food lovers throughout the area.
Lindsay "Yes, cant remember the year but it was at Seaton Carew and it was packed. There was a group of about 10 and Julie and Alan Farn were in our group. We loved the food. On our next visit we dined upstairs.
Great memories!"
Lisa Hoyle The first time was for a birthday staff night out at casa del mar. Fantastic food, best tapas in the area by far.
Louise Dauncey My family and I dined at Portofinos in November 2007 when I moved to Hartlepool and I had moved into my apartment. Lovely meal to celebrate my house/life move!
Margaret Harrison My works christmas lunch, in the Krimo's first year of business at Seaton Carew.
Martin Shingles i guess it was Seaton carew circa 1985
Mary Clark During the last 5-years we dined at all three venues on a regular basis, usually when we were on vacation from working in Bahrain.  Having now retired, we live on the Marina and have a preference to visit your establishments when we can, since we have a love of Mediterranean cuisine. Also the food and service in your restaurants are first class.
Michael I took my girlfriends virginity
Mrs Gill Hardy Yes! Back in the 80's I can rem sember my first visit to Krimos,at seaton Carew sea front. I booked it as a surprise for my boyfriends birthday and back in the day, there was no  chance of getting a table on a Friday or Satu rday evening without reserving a table 3 months in advance! I've been hooked ever since.
Natascia Ganzerla My first experience at Krimo's was m first date with my boyfriend at the time. We had some lovely drinks in the bar. It was a relaxing atmosphere which calmed my 'first date' nerves. We were escorted to our table near the window, overlooking the marina. The food was really amazing with lots of spices. I had shish kebab to start followed by tagine.
Paul Meredith  A long time ago at krimos in seaton. will never firget it. it was fabulous and i have always had a great meal at all of krimos establishments.
Paul Burrell Yikes, my first visit to Krimos was at Seaton a few weeks after it opened. I was a child then (well okay teenager) but it was a great experiance. Good food, great atmosphere, unique then. I would like to say it is still a great place but now with Portofino and the Casa Del Mar to choose from so a full mediterranean experiance.
Pauline Durie For our 35th Wedding Anniversary. My husband like to find new places to surprise me and this is one of the best!
Peter Richardson It was my 50th birthday celebration with all of my family 7yrs ago..... Wow was it that long.... You and your staff made my night memorable
Peter Bradley Our first meal was upstairs in the Seaton Carew restaurant.After having a fantastic meal with four friends one of our friends said he would pay. He went downstairs to pay he was soon back up asking his wife what she had spent that day at the Metro Centre she had maxed out his card.fortunately he had another card
Rob Briggs We have friends who live in Hatlepool, we meet them on the marina for drinks then on to Krimos for a meal, for my wife's birthday....
Ruth Lucas First time my husband and I dined at Krimos was for an aunt and uncle's Golden Wedding meal in about 1998 when Krimos was still in Seaton Carew. This was the first of many enjoyable visits.
Sarah West I first dined at Krimo's when it was on The Front at Seaton Carew with my husband (then boyfriend!) after he won Ă‚£50 for being named the best footballer of the year for his club.  That must have been 25 years ago - how time flies!  The quality of the food has never disappointed on the many times I have revisited.  Well done Krimo!
Scott Court 'twas my partners birthday & I asked where she would most like to go for a meal having recently moved to the area, she remembered Krimos from years ago.  Having our own business and almost no social life, my experience of Krimos dining was fabulous.  We have now promised a Date night every month back to Krimos, looking forward to it already.
Sheila Lewis My husband and I first dined at Krimo's during the last visit of the tall ships. It began to rain and we stepped into Krimo's and enjoyed a delicious meal, whilst keeping an eye on the tall ships in the marina as they were preparing to leave Hartlepool.
Sindhu Krishna When my mom took us there to introduce us to tapas style eating
Susan Coates 2006..Our 40th wedding anniversary..Sunday lunch with friends and family..excellent  food and great company..what could be better! And our first grandchild Cameron was there.. He was the star of the show! Thank you to all the staff who make every visit to this lovely restaurant such a special occasion. Long may you continue!
Susan Ann Harker  my first ever meal at Krimos was in the upstairs room, up seaton for our wedding anniversary.which was that good,we still celerbrate with you to this day...
Terry Hanlon October 29th 1988 a Saturday evening.  I took my then girlfriend (now wife) to Krimos to celebrate her 'significant' young ladies birthday.  I had tuna salad nicoise, tournedos Rossini and toffee basket and we shared a bottle of chardonnay and a bottle of Moet de Chandon!  I cant remember what Paula had to eat but we kept the cork from the Moet!
Tracey Spaven I first ate at Krimos on Seaton front 28 years ago!  I was only young and hadnt eaten out much. I was persuaded by Krimo to have my first steak medium instead of well  done and offered to give me the meal for free if I didn't enjoy it but I did.  Glad he suggested it and still enjoy eating in all the family restaurants
Vera Raper My anniversary with my lovely husband.
Yvonne Stephenson Our 10th Wedding Anniversary It is our 36th on the 13th August and hope to visit again. I was working at the hospital all of us putting money away every week to go to krimos when it first opened .About 8 of us went felt really posh food was beautiful to look at and taste x no special occasion just a special night

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Guyana-Gyal said...

Wonderful people, lovely memories.

I've never been to Krimo's but I do remember when you blogged from there, and all the work you put in to it, to make it such a great place.

You'd written a post about running a restaurant, what makes it successful.

Congratulations, friend :-)