New Look Krimo's

New chairs and bare tabletops are Krimo's new look. 
Changing the look of a successful restaurant is a very difficult decision to make. 
Customers do not like change and if change is necessary, it has to happen very gradually. 
Over the last two weeks, having bought 4 chairs and borrowed our own from home, I experimented with them in various parts of the restaurant and quizzed the people who had used our new look "clothless" tables. 90% of them really liked the change. 10% were not impressed with the lack of tablecloths. My mind was made up. 
I ordered the new chairs and discarded the cloths. 
Sunday afternoon, after a very busy Mother's Day lunch, the table were stripped and reset, minus the new chairs. The restaurant looked bare and I really began questioning my decision. 
The new chairs were scheduled to arrive Monday morning. By 11am, I was frantic. There wasn't a sign of the delivery van. A phonecall to the courier. They had forgotten to load them onto the truck. They promised to send an express van all the way from Derbyshire to deliver them by around 3pm. 
My mind began racing. Is this an omen that I'd made the wrong decision? 
The chairs arrived at 4.15pm. 
Colin, Dan and Simon helped assemble the 80 new chairs. A painstaking exercise. Karen placed them around the restaurant. 
Having finished putting together the last chair, we all took a peek at the dining room. It looked really great.  
I now feel I have made the right decision. 



Pat said...

I like the look but more importantly the chairs look extremely comfortable.

Zéphyr said...

Bonjour Krimo,

Cela tombe bien avec le printemps ! Signe de renaissance et du renouveau.

Bon courage et bonne chance !