Breakfast at Tiffany's...

The people have decided! After two months of voting, our customers have decided that the iconic Audrey Hepburn should replace Marilyn Monroe on Portofino's balcony.
She got over twice as many votes as second place, Frank Sinatra.
128 artistes were voted for.
The top ten and their votes are: Audrey Hepburn 64 Frank Sinatra 29 Liz Taylor 20 Sophia Loren 18 Lady Gaga 15 Madonna 14 Freddy Mercury 12 Marilyn Monroe 11 James Dean 10 Michael Jackson 10

A little bird tells me that the saga is not over yet... Watch this space!

Gill Harland from Hartlepool was drawn from the customers who voted for Audrey Hepburns. She wins A Meal for Two at Portofino

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Zéphyr, said...

Bonsoir Krimo,

Noblesse oblige ! Il faudra bien suivre le mouvement de la clientèle !