Krimo's Quiz November Winner

Congratulations to Sally Miller of Peterlee!

She wins a meal for two at Krimo's...

Fancy having a go at December's Food Quiz?

Snow Business...

I love the snow.

I grew up in the Atlas Mountains and every winter without fail, it snowed, so much sometimes, that we could not go to schoool.

I remember those days when my mother made a hearty chickpea and cumin soup spiced up with Harissa and served with her own garlic bread made with beef dripping instead of butter.

Yet, these days snow worries me. It is not good for business. Last year, from 18th December until 10th January, the country nearly stood at a standstill. Our restaurants, along with every single one in the country suffered from cancellations, as customers could not make it through the snow and dangerous roads. Those in the countryside might as well have closed their doors till the end of January.

This year, the snow has reached us a lot earlier. A seventeen-year record, I hear. It has already caused us a lot of damage. Last night, the last Saturday of the month, usually a time when diners come out in their droves, only half braved the weather.
All of the other restaurants and bars along Navigation Point reported a reduced number of customers.
I do love the snow but man can't live by snow alone... especially in these crunch times...

Navigation Point Event

Businesses from Hartlepool's Navigation Point have come together to plan a series of events for December.
The lights on the Christmas tree donated by the landlords, Mandale will be switched on by our Mayor, Stuart Drummond on Saturday 4th December.

Daniel Brobbel from Norteast Sound and Light has promised to provide music and lights for the event.
Alyson Robinson of the eponymous School of Music will be bringing her choir to perform Christmas carols on Saturday 18th December between 5 and 7pm.
There will lots of things for the kids. As well as Santa dishing out presents to them, they will also be able to enjoy a walk on water on terra firma...

Businesses have donated vouchers for the NSPCC Christmas raffle.