They are coming... Don't panic!

294, 497 visitors watched the Tall Ships leave Aalborg on their way to Kristiansand and then to Hartlepool.
Are we ready for the million or so visitors that are going to flock to Hartlepool for 4 days?
Our three restaurants will open all day from Saturday till Tuesday doing their best to cope with the onslaught.
We really do not know exactly what is going to hit us. We have ordered over three times the supplies we usually get through on a very busy Saturday but even then, we are not sure whehter that will be enough to feed and water the multitude of visitors eager to watch the beautiful tall ships.
The one thing I am really sure about is that Hartlepool will be THE place to be from 7th August.
Those who have been to our town in the past and thought it was a dump will be absolutely bowled over by its transformation. The new visitors will fall in love.
I just hope I will have time to take a few pictures of the Tall Ships...

The Tall Ships are coming to Hartlepool...

33 days to go...7-10 August 2010.
It will be Hartlepool's biggest event ever.
Newcastle up the road, got over one million visitors in 2005 even though the city was only a stopover for the Tall Ships. Hartlepool is the final stage of the race. So one can imagine how many thousands of people will be visiting the town over that weekend.

If you're still in doubt as to whether this event is becoming a reality, check out the Countdown Clock on the official website.