The Tall Ships are coming to Hartlepool...

33 days to go...7-10 August 2010.
It will be Hartlepool's biggest event ever.
Newcastle up the road, got over one million visitors in 2005 even though the city was only a stopover for the Tall Ships. Hartlepool is the final stage of the race. So one can imagine how many thousands of people will be visiting the town over that weekend.

If you're still in doubt as to whether this event is becoming a reality, check out the Countdown Clock on the official website.


Pat said...

You're getting excited - I can tell:)

Zéphyr said...

Bonjour Krimo,

Tout le monde est sur le qui-vive !

Comme vous, on attend le jour J. Que la fête commence.

Jette un coup d'œil chez moi.

Merisi said...

Are they all clamouring for a meal at your restaurant? ;-)

Warm greetings - I found you again via an old comment of yours, hurrah! :-)

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Fantastic, and for a seat at the finest eating establishment in Hartlepool - might we see you again on the NE news high up in the birds nest? :)

Merisi said...

I came here to jump into the cool waters, but could not find a path! 35°C here last night at 8pm. Hope you have sunshine too!

Krimo said...

35°C! That is hot!
It is sunny but only 16°C at the moment. Was quite hot on Saturday.

CR, just keep an eye on Look North, you may see me fleeting between the restaurants.

Excited and worried, Pat. One million people!

J'admire ce que tu as fait, Zephyr. La fête commencera début Août...

Zéphyr said...

Bonsoir Krimo,

C'est pour bientôt la grande fête !

Jette un coup d'œil chez Zéphyr.