Flamenco at Casa del Mar

This Wednesday, 26th May will see our first LIVE Spanish Music Event at Casa del Mar.
It will feature Mark Boden, an amazing Flamenco guitarist and singer accompanied by Phil Philo on guitar and Kris McConnell on the Cajon (box drum) and percussion.
Mark has taught music both privately and in schools since 1996. To further his understanding of Spanish music he attended a Flamenco school in the heart of Andalucia, Spain.Mark says: "Flamenco inspires me to dedicate my time and skills as a musician, not for fame, but because I love it. I play Flamenco because of its passion, grace and emotion. I can express my emotions through it be that of happiness, sadness and love."

Personally, I have always loved Flamenco.It is a musical style that hails from Moorish North Africa which I grew up listening to on a daily basis. This music more than any other, never fails to send shivers down my spine.

Why not come down to the Marina for a couple of tapas, a glass of vino and a true taste of Andalucia.
Check out Mark's videos HERE.

Krimo's 25 today!!

Yes! Made it!
Twenty five years ago today, Karen and I opened Krimo's on Seaton Carew front at 7.30pm to a full house. It really seems like yesterday. Finishing off the last details and diving head first into a 25 year long happy saga in Hartlepool, my adopted town.
How many customers have we fed and watered or wined?
How many carrots have we sliced and cooked?
Fish, meat, chickens? How many?
How many hellos and goodbyes?
"Is everything ok?"
How many babies in nappies have returned to celebrate their 18th, engagement or wedding?
How many chef's hats have I lost down the Front on a windy evening?

My memory is good but yours are even better.
You remember details that have long been forgotten.
You remember the first time you experience Krimo's welcome and hospitality.

Then came Portofino on the Historic Quay and that was an overnight success. A place where couples, families and parties can relax and enjoy a variety of dishes, from pizzas and pastas to fish, poultry and meats...

The Millenium took Krimo's to its lovely location on the Marina right by the lockgates where beautiful yachts come and go past the wide windows as diners enjoy the chefs latest creations.

Casa del Mar, a very popular tapas bar, my favourite eating style, opened in 2006 and four years later, goes on attracting diners from far and wide.

Once you have been bitten by the restaurant bug, it is impossible to live any other life. Restaurant life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It becomes your work, your leisure and your social life.

Twenty five years later, do I want a rest from this life?
No way, as well as being my work, restaurant life has also been my 25 year holiday.

Karen and I enjoying a late supper in 1986