Flamenco at Casa del Mar

This Wednesday, 26th May will see our first LIVE Spanish Music Event at Casa del Mar.
It will feature Mark Boden, an amazing Flamenco guitarist and singer accompanied by Phil Philo on guitar and Kris McConnell on the Cajon (box drum) and percussion.
Mark has taught music both privately and in schools since 1996. To further his understanding of Spanish music he attended a Flamenco school in the heart of Andalucia, Spain.Mark says: "Flamenco inspires me to dedicate my time and skills as a musician, not for fame, but because I love it. I play Flamenco because of its passion, grace and emotion. I can express my emotions through it be that of happiness, sadness and love."

Personally, I have always loved Flamenco.It is a musical style that hails from Moorish North Africa which I grew up listening to on a daily basis. This music more than any other, never fails to send shivers down my spine.

Why not come down to the Marina for a couple of tapas, a glass of vino and a true taste of Andalucia.
Check out Mark's videos HERE.


Zéphyr said...

Bonjour Krimo,

Ne dit-on pas que les souvenirs rajeunissent !

Les anniversaires, c'est fait pour cela : revivre notre jeunesse, notre insouciance. Nos rêves les plus fous !

Krimo said...

Et oui. Tu as raison.
Revivre notre jeunesse dans nos têtes.