Krimo's parking up the wrong tree...

Navigation Point's owners have decided to introduce parking charges. Nothing wrong with that. It is their land and they can do whatever they want with it.

In the beginning (over 10 years ago) was a vacant Marina. Vacant flats. Vacant shops. Vacant berths.
Then came businesses (Krimo's was the first) on that side of the Marina. One at a time. Shyly. Hesitantly. A few struggled but over the last six years, the area began to blossom.
Many boat owners left faraway havens to come and berth their floating weekend retreats in our Marina. There were now waiting lists for the apartments.
The Marina became fashionable. It even acquired a new name. The Jewel in the Crown... Of Hartlepool and Tees Valley.
It began attracting visitors from far and wide. The Lords of the Land were happy. The businesses were cautiously pleased. The residents ecstatic with everything on their doorstep. It seemed like the centre of the Universe. Especially on a sunny day.

And then came the crunch.
The high rents began to bite.
Midweek, customers became a rare sight.
Paid parking plans finally came to light.

The Mayor promised that, not if, but when the Council adopted the Marina, no parking meters would go up. According to a leak, a thorny point sank the inflated adoption plans.
Back to square one.
The meters came on Monday, followed by their maids.
Unfinished coffees.
Tables hurriedly vacated.
Scuffles over a few seconds past the first free half hour.
Worried workers. Worried employers.

A mile away, defeated Morrisons placed a hood on each parking meter as customers voted with their feet.
Down here we're left robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We need our customers. When are our landlords going to realise that they also need us?

(Photo courtesy of the Hartlepool Mail)

Krimo's Snow Patrol...

Might as well make the most of this snow...
Portofino's chefs take a break and build a funny snowman.
Cherry tomatoes for eyes...
Courgette for nose...
Parsley for hair...

Krimo's Frozen Assets...

The snow has been with us for nearly two weeks and caused havoc to roads, water pipes and a few bookings.
But on the whole it hasn't deterred the hardy Hartlepool diners who will go out whatever the weather.

Sliding along Church Street on New Year's Eve, I couldn't help but smile at all those hardy revellers, dodging the icy pavements in their short-sleeve shirts and mini-skirts, popping in and out of pubs to fill up on liquid central heating...

I wonder how they stop their berries shrivelling in sub-zero temperatures!