Hartlepool's Farmers Market

The second Saturday of every month brings an exciting Farmers Market to Hartlepool.
It takes place on the Historic Quay car park. There are usually around twenty stalls selling meats, cheeses, cakes, fish, plants, honeys, jams, herbs and much more produce than I can remember.

I personally like this kind of market because it offers genuine produce one can no longer find in profit-driven supermarkets.
I must admit that I have seen a lot better markets both in the UK and Europe but with sustained local support, I believe that ours could grow and flourish into a permanent feature.

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Zéphyr said...

Bonjour Krimo,

Les marchés hebdomadaires sont très conviviaux et bon enfant.Ils permettent les rencontres et procurent cette joie de se retrouver. Un fait de société à soutenir.