Krimo's Beautiful Marina

On a fine evening Hartlepool Marina is absolutely gorgeous.
After a couple glasses of wine, many of our customers often say: "You could be anywhere. Puerto Banus, St Tropez...."
I say, I'm sure there will now be a couple sat on a Mediterranean bar terrace saying: "You know what, it feels exactly like...Hartlepool..."
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Krimo's Summer Madness...

When Krimo's was at Seaton Carew, I often took advantage of the rare warm Summer evenings to catch the last rays of sunshine. Just before the service, around 7pm, I sometimes sat a for a short while by the paddling pool across the road from the restaurant, facing the North sea and fantasizing it was the Mediterranean.

One warm Saturday night after a busy service, around 11.30, the whole kitchen team, all 5 of us headed for the beach. My second-chef aimed his Land Rover's headlights at the water and we all dived in, still wearing our chef's whites.

Even on the hottest August day, the North Sea is never clement and had it not been for our shared bravado, we would jumped right back out of the freezing water.

The current was so strong that the next time we looked back at the lit-up shore, we had drifted as far as the Staincliffe hotel, 500 yards away.

The highlight of that adventure came when a hungry seagull swooped on one of the commis-chefs and pecked him in the head maybe mistaking him for a juicy catch... He has never lived it down since.
I'll always remember that evening with fondness as it was the one and only time we were mad enough to take a midnight dip at Seaton.

Krimo's Father's Day Present...

The Longest Day. Father's Day. A warm day...
I got presents, cinema tickets, Amazon vouchers, chocolates, cards...
And a crateful of vegetables!!
Leslie brought me it from the allotment he tends in Blackhall.
Broad beans,
Lollo Rosso,
Frisee lettuce,
Baby kale,
Pak Choi,
and he said he had forgotten the potted coriander and basil.

Absolutely priceless!

Krimo's proud to be a Poolie!

Over the last 15 years Hartlepool has been transformed into a fantastic town...

Judge for yourselves...

Krimo's magic mushrooms...

Mushrooms can be used in so many dishes from soups to stews, pastas to pizzas. I often wish I could go picking my own in nearby forests.
Two inconvenients: lack of time and lack of knowledge. I can imagine myself dying a slow death after enjoying a poisonous mushroom omelette.
The following video is quite useful in helping us choose from a few edible varieties.

The first time I tried Enoki mushrooms was in Spain where they called them Hedgehog Eggs... (Huevas de Erizo)
Being the inquisitive type, I wanted to know what these eggs looked and tasted like. I ordered them in a starter with scrambled eggs and discovered that in reality they were a variety of mushroom. I googled them the following day and found out they were widely used in Japan. Since then, I have enjoyed them raw in salads and sauteed in stir-fries.