Krimo's Red Skies...

Red sky at night... A chef's delight.
Hartlepool Marina is my place of work. A wonderful place of work. Not a day looks like the next.
I took this photo on the way back from Krimo's to Portofino. I nearly cause a pile-up trying to park and get out of the car in time to catch this beautiful red sky.
Give me an evening like this and I begin dreaming of the Med, a glass of Rosé and a few sardines.
Just a simple Pavlovian reaction.
Tonight, the Marina was busy and warm. Not a breath of air.
I met and spoke to many people at our restaurants this evening.
A Galician woman and her husband from Middlesbrough celebrating their 30th anniversary.
A woman from Mauritius celebrating her birthday with her Hartlepool husband.
A family from Ayr visiting relatives in town.
Hartlepool, the Centre of the Universe!
Not a day looks like the next.


Anonymous said...

Ciel rouge le soir laisse bon espoir !

Krimo said...

Même dans le désespoir, un ciel comme celui-là redonne de l'espoir.

Le vrai dicton est presque le même.
"Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning."

PI said...

I have often seen a red sky - some of the best over Manchester - but a red sea and sky - that is a rare sight. Sometimes we ardent photographer do dice with death to get a shot. Be careful:)

Zéphyr said...

Quel magnifique tableau ! Le rouge étale toute sa panoplie.

Le soleil couchant a de tout temps subjugué l'homme.

Vivre cet instant procure de la sérénité.

... La prochaine, il faudra sortir de la voiture et s'adonner complètement à la contemplation.

La prochaine

Brian said...

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