Krimo's Shortlisted Again...

In the wake of our win in the Hartlepool Business Awards back in May I was encouraged to enter the North East England Tourism Awards. (Taste of North East England)
I sent off my entry without really expecting to get anywhere. North East England encompasses a very wide area full of delightful eating places from the Scottish Borders to Yorkshire. I was really surprised when I received the letter announcing the good news.
But it really seems like a feeling of deja-vu. Just like in May when I honestly doubted that we would win, I once again do not feel very confident.

Restaurants are encouraged to use local ingredients and local suppliers to support the local economy.
We have used the same local butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers for most of our 24 years in business and have always trusted them to supply us with nothing but the best ingredients, which happen to be grown, reared or caught within the region.
Most days, our fishmonger, Hodgson of Whitby Street sends his boats past Krimo's out to the North Sea to net some of the best fish around, from cod to marckerel, langoustines to crabs.
The beef and lamb that go to make our delicious dishes are reared on local farms from the Scottish borders to North Yorkshire.

We will find out in September if we have won. If we do, then we will go to London to represent the North East next Spring.


PI said...

I've got everything crossed;)

Krimo said...

Thanks, Pat. Looking at the competition, it's going to be a tough one, this time.

Zéphyr said...

La volonté, la persévérance, la passion
du métier et les encouragements de la clientèle ne t'ont jamais fait défaut. Il faut y croire.

Bon courage !

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I've got everything crossed too! I'll go to the loo in a minute.

Krimo said...

Zéphyr, ce qui se passe n'est qu'une sorte de progression naturelle.
Pas d'étincelle ni de génie... Un peu de jugeote, un peu de passion... Le reste, n'est qu'un peu de chance.

Zéphyr said...

Rien ne se fait au hasard. Les envieux diront que c'est de la chance. Réussir aux examens, est-ce de la chance ou le fruit de son travail ?

Non seulement tu aimes passionnément ton job, mais aussi tu as le don de le transmettre aux autres !