Krimo's Shortlisted for Business Awards

Twenty four years after we opened at Seaton Carew!

Actually, this is the first year for the new category of Tourism and Leisure at the awards.
I am very proud, chuffed, pleased, honoured... to have been shortlisted along two other businesses.
My friend, Daniel of the York House Hotel has also been shortlisted. We met last week at a PR and Marketing seminar and joked about our respective chances of winning. We both said that we'd be happy if the other won, but added that we each would like to win the Award on its first year. "May the best man win!" while crossing our fingers behind our backs.

We will find out on Thursday evening.


Akelamalu said...

Well it's an achievement to be shortlisted. I hope you win. :)

Zéphyr said...

Un grand bravo !

Toutes nos félicitations. On est fier de toi.

Et que le meilleur gagne !

The York House - Restaurant said...

Krimo this is a pleasure to be againts you because I hate buying the winner's drink to someone I don't know, but on the other hand I would love take your money. We have to watch the third one don't beat us to the post. any way see at the bar.

Krimo said...

Thanks, Akela. We'll see on Thursday evening.

Merci, Zéphyr. C'est un grand honneur pour un petit restaurateur des fins fonds d'Algérie...

Krimo said...

I'll buy you a drink either way, Daniel, never mind who wins.