Staff Profile: Nicole Clark

Position: Senior Waitress
Joined the restaurant: 10 October2005 Initial job: Meeter and Greeter
Job History: I left school and came straight here. I am studying Sports Science at the College of Further Education.
I'm now thoroughly trained on all the tasks but when I work on bar I can't go a whole shift without breaking at least one glass! Ooops!
What do I like about working here? The banter between the girls especially my "right-hand man" Kim(berley) Allen.
Favourite dishes: I love our potato skins as a starter and then it's Chicken à la crème. And maybe a cheese and tomato garlic bread. You can't beat that.
Favourite holiday: Zante (Greece) with the girls. We go there every Summer and I love it.
About me: I leave College in May and I am going to take a year or so out. I may work here full time before going to University.

Krimo says: Nicole is Joey's younger sister. Born on the same day two years later, she came to Portofino when she turned sweet 16. Within weeks she could juggle with the job, fitting in with staff and customers alike. Nicole is a perfectionist. She loves Portofino so much that she spends most of hard-earned cash dining here.

Nicole, I am glad you are staying with us a lot longer than expected because you are the best tea-maker at Portofino! :o)

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ValGalArt said...

A darling girl. I hope she has a fun summer!