May the Fourth 1985 saw the start of a pleasant adventure. Krimo's our tiny 32-seater restaurant opened its doors at Seaton Carew and the rest is History.
From an unknown ex-student in Naval Architecture and his beautiful colliery lass, Karen and I became Mr. and Mrs. Krimo, famous restaurateurs! A cowboy cook and housewife transformed the eating-out scene in Hartlepool. An AA rosette in our second year. Michelin just after that. And most important, a lot of happy diners. 

We had no inkling that the saga would last 27 years, see a steady and successful expansion and that I would still be as enthusiastic about the whole thing as those early days. 
From cook to waiter, bottle-washer to barman, scrubber to trainer, food and wine, my CV looks like a varied and enjoyable journey. 
Twenty Seven Years! 
The customers who crossed our threshold!
The employees who helped us get here!

The suppliers who kept us well supplied!
The friends we have made. 
The food we ate. 
The wine we drank. 
MAY the FOURTH be with you!