Krimo's future chefs...

When a teacher from Jesmond Road School asked if she could bring a couple of pupils round to Portofino as they are learning all about Italina food, I expected some teenagers.
And then Matthew and Bethany landed this morning to see how our restaurant operates.
Two adorable five-year olds, keen to learn how to make pizzas and pastas.

Then they sat to taste their own cooking. Kim served then and between the two of them they wolfed down a massive pizza. Actually, I pinched slices.
Once they finished their gourmet meal, they were kind enough to take a pizza back to school for their friends.

Great morning at Portofino.

Krimo's Young Gourmets...

Young Emilie (11) must have been so impressed with her teatime treat at Portofino that she had to write about it in our visitors book! She recommends the soup of the day among other things!!!
I love the French spelling of her name.
I shall have to congratulate her on this comment when she comes again.
Well done, Emilie!